About Us

Our www.barprices.com is an easy-to-use website which came from a random idea of providing several Bar prices at one place. We collect all the pricing information of bars and present it here for your ease. You can know how much the beer or other drinks cost at different Restaurant and Bars.

This information will be useful for people who visit different Bars and restaurants regularly. Before going to a bar or restaurant we all want to know how much the items cost there and whether it is affordable for us or not. So, there is no wrong in once referring to the bar prices before visiting.

After visiting the bar and coming out because of its unreasonable prices, it would be better to have a random look at that particular bar prices prior. The prices will not be the same in all the bars and restaurants. Some may cost more and some bars costs less. Even if you are a regular customer there may be a change in their menu and prices sometimes.

To know the bar prices there is no need to search for different portals for different bars. This obviously kills your time. On www.barprices.com you can get the price info of all several bars. So, without wasting your time or fuel you can easily get the required info from here.

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